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  • How long will the party last?

    2011. April 22.

    Now that we’re approaching mid-2011 the global economic upturn that’s lasted two full years appears to have reached maturity. The key signs of this are the robust growth figures, the upward trend in commodity prices and the attendant rise in …

  • Equity and bond market prospects

    2011. March 14.

    Global macroeconomic trends form an almost unchanged picture, with purchasing managers’ indices (PMI/ISM) continuing to rise, but with consumer confidence and the American real estate sector weakening somewhat. Political unrest in the Middle East and North Africa has not had …

  • Re-emerging

    2011. February 14.

    The first capital-market topic of this year was the calming of the mood of panic that had arisen in relation to the debt struggles of the eurozone’s periphery. Due to the holding of some extreme positions, this resulted in a …

  • Equity and bond market outlook

    2011. January 14.

    In the fourth quarter, the majority of the share markets continued on their upward trend. TheMSCI World Index strengthened by 9% in dollar terms (11.7% in forint terms), with this goodresult primarily down to the low valuation levels, the high …

  • Gulf syndrome

    2010. July 14.

    One of the world’s most expensive cost-saving experiments: this is how one might characterize the oil rig accident that occurred on 20 April, leaving a blotch of oil as big as the Carpathian Basin in the Gulf of Mexico. The …

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