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VIG Asset Management Hungary has a history of more than 25 years through its predecessors. Founded in 1995, the Company operated as an asset management subsidiary of the Dutch-owned Aegon Insurance Company until 2009. In 2009, our Asset Management Company became part of the Aegon Global Asset Management. Our experience has enabled us to become the asset management hub of the Central and Eastern European Region within Aegon Global Asset Management, while managing the assets of Polish, Romanian and Hungarian insurance companies, pension funds, investment funds and unit-linked funds.

During this period, our Company won the Asset Management Company of the Year Awardfour times at the Privátbankár.hu Classic Awards (2015, 2017, 2020, 2021)

In 2020, the Dutch owner decided to sell some of its interests in Eastern and Central Europe to the Austrian-based VIG Group, a well-known player in the Hungarian market through Union Insurance Company. The Hungarian Asset Management subsidiary, part of the Aegon Group, has joined the VIG Group in 2022 as one of the most successful companies in the Hungarian asset management market, with the Hungarian State as a minority shareholder in its Hungarian interests.

In 2022 our Company received the Domestic ESG Asset Manager of the Year Award in recognition of our expertise in sustainable investing.

From 2023, in addition to Alfa Insurance Company (formerly Aegon Hungary Insurance Company) and VIG Voluntary Pension Fund (formerly Aegon Voluntary Pension Fund), our Company will also manage the assets of Union Insurance Company, thus managing a total of nearly HUF 1,000 billion in assets for its clients.


VIG Asset Management Hungary is a member of the Austrian Vienna Insurance Group

Vienna Insurance Group (VIG) is a leading insurance specialist in Austria and Central – Eastern Europe. With a long tradition of strong brands and a strong customer focus, the group consists of ~50 companies in 30 countries. VIG can build on nearly 200 years of experience in the insurance business. With 25,000 employees, the Vienna Insurance Group is the clear market leader in its core markets and is therefore well positioned to capitalize on the growth opportunities in a region of 180 million inhabitants. Listed on the Vienna Stock Exchange, the Vienna Insurance Group is the best performing Company on the ATX share index of the Vienna Stock Exchange; the share is also listed on the Prague and Budapest Stock Exchange.

In the field of asset management, VIG Asset Management Hungary offers a range of solutions to its clients to ensure high-level investment solutions and client service.


Investment funds managed by the Company

  • VIG Alfa Absolute Return Investment Fund
  • VIG BondMaxx Total Return Bond Investment Fund
  • VIG Central European Equity Investment Fund
  • VIG Hungarian Bond Investment Fund
  • VIG Emerging Europe Bond Investment Fund
  • VIG Emerging Market ESG Equity Investment Fund
  • VIG Developed Markets Government Bond Investment Fund
  • VIG Opportunity Developed Markets Equity Investment Fund
  • VIG Maraton ESG Multi Asset Investment Fund
  • VIG MegaTrend Equity Investment Fund
  • VIG MoneyMaxx Emerging Market Total Return Investment Fund
  • VIG Hungarian Money Market Investment Fund
  • VIG Ozon Annual Capital Protected Investment Fund
  • VIG Panorama Total Return Investment Fund
  • VIG Polish Bond Fund
  • VIG Polish Equity Fund
  • VIG Polish Money Market Fund
  • VIG Russia Equity Fund
  • VIG Smart Money Investment Fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Andante 1 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Andante 2 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Andante 3 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Moderato 4 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Moderato 5 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Moderato 6 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Moderato 7 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Allegro 8 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Allegro 9 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Allegro 10 Sub-fund of Funds
  • VIG Tempó Maxx Sub-fund of Funds


Company’s main details

Headquarters (billing address) Hungary 1091 Budapest, Üllői út 1.
Headquarters, office Hungary 1082 Budapest, Baross utca 1.
Phone +36 1 477 4817
E-mail alapkezelo@am.vig
Website www.vigam.hu
Company registration number 01-10-044251
Tax number HU17780027
Owner 100% Aegon Hungary General Insurance Company
The Company’s core capital 1.000.000 000 HUF


Scope of activities

The aim of the Company is to serve as an investment fund management company on the Hungarian and on the International markets. Based on the authorization set out in Section III., paragraph 7, point (1), (2) and (3) of Act XVI of 2014 on Collective Investment Forms and its Managers, and on the amendment of financial laws,, the Company is allowed to perform the following activities:

      • alternative investment fund management (AIFM) license
      • UCITS management license (since 2016)
      • keeping records of investors
      • the placing on the market and distribution of collective investment undertakings managed by AIFM and UCITS and related administrative tasks
      • custody of collective investment securities, custody and related administrative services, etc.
      • Act CXXXVIII of 2007 on Investment Firms and Commodity Exchange Service Providers and the Rules on the Activities They May Carry Out. (hereinafter: Bszt.) portfolio management, including the portfolio management of the employing pension institution
      • investment advisory license
      • securities lending license


Company’s Management Board

Chairman of the Board Péter Kadocsa – Chief Executive Officer
Board of Directors Bálint Kocsis – Chief Administration Officer

András Loncsák – Chief Investment Officer

Zsolt Kovács – Member of Board of Directors

László Kovács – Member of Board of Directors

Board Members
Álmos Mikesy – Chief of Board
Gerhard Lahner – Board Member
Kinga Huray – Board Member
Dr Andreas Grünbichler – Board Member
Gábor Lehel – 
Board Member
Gerald Weber – 
Board Member

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Monday 8-20h
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