Terms and conditions

Normal conditions, Effective date: 27/01/2015


Sales fees (distribution commissions)

Transaction Initiated by Online Customer Service Initiated in any other way *
Purchase free of charge the product of the invested amount and the key of the fee, minimum 5000 HUF / 20 EUR / 20 USD
Redemption free of charge * free of charge *
Switch to another fund
(Redemption and Purchase)
free of charge * 5000 HUF / 20 EUR /20 USD**
Purchase under a regular purchase agreement free of charge


Other fees

Activity Fee
Opening Account free of charge
Account management and custody in case of an online registration contract free of charge
Account management and custody without an online registration contract 0.1% of the average securities portfolio (including TBSZ and other sub-accounts) per year, but at least HUF 300 per quarter
Mail notification method 2 500 HUF quarterly
Opening TBSZ Account free of charge
Termination of TBSZ Account until the penultimate day of the three-year commitment period, HUF 5,000 per sub-account, thereafter free of charge
HUF transfer initiated via Online Customer Service 1 free of charge per month, for every additional 1,000 HUF per transfer
HUF transfer initiated in any other way * 2 000 HUF per transfer
HUF VIBER transfer ** 10 000 HUF per transfer
Currency transfer 25 EUR / 25 USD per transfer
Securities transfer ** 2 000 HUF per transfer
Reissue of certificates and notifications 5 000 HUF per transfer


Tariff keys

Fund name Tariff key
Aegon Alfa Total Return Investment Fund 2,50%
Aegon Emerging Market ESG Equity Fund 2,50%
Aegon Domestic Bond Fund 1,25%
Aegon Bondmaxx Total Return Bond Fund 1,25%
Aegon Emerging Europe Bond Fund 1,25%
Aegon Istanbull Equity Fund 2,50%
Aegon Central European Equity Fund 2,50%
Aegon Polish Bond Fund 1,25%
Aegon Polish Equity Fund 2,50%
Aegon Maraton Active Mixed Investment Fund 2,50%
Aegon MegaTrend Equity Fund of Funds 2,50%
Aegon MoneyMaxx Total Return Investment Fund 2,50%
Aegon International Bond Fund 1,25%
Aegon International Equity Fund 2,50%
VIG ÓzonMaxx Total Return Investment Fund 1,25%
Aegon Panoráma Total Return Equity Investment Fund 2,50%
Aegon Money Market Fund 1,25%
Aegon Russia Equity Fund 2,50%
Aegon Smart Money Investment Fund of Funds 2,50%
Aegon Tempó Andante 2 1,25%
Aegon Tempó Moderato 6 1,25%
Aegon Tempó Allegro 10 1,25%

* 2% of the redemption consideration in case of redemption or conversion within 10 trading days from the date of purchase (FIFO principle) – with the exception of Aegon Money Market Investment Fund

** It cannot be initiated at Online Customer Service

*** through an agent, customer service office, phone customer service, other

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