VIG ÓzonMaxx Total Return Investment Fund

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The Fund invests most of its available funds in assets with a lower risk profile, which means bonds issued or guaranteed by states (including their debt management agencies) that have a credit rating, which is equal or higher than the rating of Hungary, quasisovereign companies, national banks, supranational entities. It is allowed for the Fund to hold deposits, cash or invest in REPOand reverse REPO agreements. Allowed duration limit is 3 years for the whole Fund, while the duration limit for individual bonds is 10 years. In case of bonds denominated in other currencies than HUF, the portfolio manager is aiming for a full FX hedge, deviation from this is only allowed as a part of the riskier asset category.

The Fund is permitted to invest in riskier assets to a limited extent: domestic and foreign equities, equity indices, bonds with a higher risk profile, currencies, commodities and collective investment vehicles on spot and futures markets. Long and short trades are both permitted. In case of pair trades[2] the gross extent of the risky assets may reach 10 % of the NAV of the Fund. Given its approach to the purchase of risky instruments, the fund falls into the category of absolute-return funds: it selects, from among the opportunities available in the domestic and international money and capital markets, the investments with the best expected yield/risk ratio. The fund management company, exercising all due diligence, based on its own judgement and decisions while observing the relevant legal provisions and the limitations stipulated in the Fund Documentation, determines the means of utilising the Fund's resources, and the weights of the various investments within the portfolio, with a view to ensure that the Fund - in line with our expectations regarding future risks and returns - achieves its objective in the long term. Reference index of the Fund: 100% RMAX index (Bloomberg ticker: MAX RMAX Index) + 0,5%

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Yield-risk profil
Lower risk
Higher risk
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Net Yield Performance of the Fund
12 month
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13.70 %
14.66 %
5.54 %
-1.17 %
0.89 %
0.50 %
15.47 %
15.77 %
3.53 %
-0.10 %
0.87 %
0.73 %
Liquidity, flexibility

Javasolt minimális befektetési időtáv: 6 months.
You can also access the amount invested at the current daily exchange rate at any time during the proposed investment period. You can buy, transfer or redeem the security at any time at this rate using the VIG online Securities Account.

You can find out about the settlement dates here:
Settlement period

Németh Gábor

Portfolio Managers: Németh Gábor , Bakos Ádám

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VIG Befektetési Alapkezelő Magyarország Zrt.
Unicredit Bank Hungary Zrt.
Vezető forgalmazó
VIG Befektetési Alapkezelő Magyarország Zrt.
Referencia index összetétele
100% RMAX Index + 0,5%
Kockázati besorolás
Javasolt minimális befektetési időtáv
6 months
Always at your disposal.
From Tuesday to Thursday 8-16h
Monday 8-20h
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